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With the Argo Venture Studio, entrepreneur and investor Stefan Beiten restructures his entrepreneurial activities. In this interview, he uncovers his new platform and explains why he is bringing a breath of fresh air into his company.

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Implementing Lifelong Learning in your Organization

Every business should strive to become a learning organization. Harnessing the intellectual capital of your people through continuous learning and improvement can become a key competitive advantage.
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The Challenges of Corporate Lifelong Learning

Lifelong learning can be seen as an extension to traditional corporate learning and development. There are some additional unique challenges however, given the fact that lifelong learning requires more self-motivation as it can occur outside the workplace and is self-directed.
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How to Take Advantage of Virtual Reality

Implementing virtual reality into your organization will allow you to take advantage of the many benefits this technology offers. But as this is a new trend that requires both hardware and software investments, you need to ensure that you have a clear roadmap of where you can best use it, what the costs are and...
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How to Build Your Leadership Community

As new forms of community emerge at such a rapid pace, leaders are struggling to cope with the radical challenges of constant change and capitalizing on this shift. The benefits of community-building for leaders and influencers are numerous – from better business outcomes to personal growth and lifelong connections.
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Sensational Results at BAC Infratrust Funds IT6 and IT8

Friends and colleagues: Argo Venture Studio brings to your attention this significant achievement by its subsidiary, Argo Capital, relating to a fund in its investment portfolio. Argo Capital is an active venture investor, designing and managing alternate fund structures and providing innovative businesses with venture capital. 
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How Continuous Learning Improves Business Outcomes

Lifelong learning is a holistic approach which encompasses and enhances other aspects such as corporate training, apprenticeships and formal education. A combination of all these learning experiences will likely yield the best outcome and ensure that your organization can meet the challenges ahead.
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