The Argo Log

With the Argo Venture Studio, entrepreneur and investor Stefan Beiten restructures his entrepreneurial activities. In this interview, he uncovers his new platform and explains why he is bringing a breath of fresh air into his company.

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The Challenges of Empathetic Leadership

Although empathy can enhance your organization, it is not a magic bullet. In this article we explore some of the challenges around empathetic leadership.
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The Advantages of Corporate Innovation

Many people think that innovation only happens in the product or service realm, but in reality it can appear in all aspects of business – Even through your business model. This type of innovation is about rethinking how you structure, position and deliver your offering to the market.
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A Guidebook for Entrepreneurship in the Third Millennium

At the edge of the 3rd-millennium, humankind is confronted with a broad range of severe challenges on different layers while all energy of the current economy is lured by the attractive vision of a digitally optimized world. Will you be lured as well?
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5 Steps to Implementing Organizational Purpose

To permeate all aspects of your business, purpose must be baked into the culture. It must be the core focus that animates values, perspectives and behaviours. It is the one thing, if any, that needs to be on the tip of everybody’s tongue when asked about their job.
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Why Corporate Innovation Matters

In the modern day, the role of the great individual is becoming less impactful and we are moving more towards a model of collective innovation. In science for instance, much of the new discoveries are being made incrementally by people collaborating all over the world – hundreds of people instead of lone genius’s.
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The Challenges of Virtual Reality

Could VR introduce an era of even greater social detachment? We are already concerned about our overuse of smartphones and our inability to connect with each other. VR could be the ultimate connection tool – or just another that we become addicted to, retreating into our own realities.
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