The Argo Log

With the Argo Venture Studio, entrepreneur and investor Stefan Beiten restructures his entrepreneurial activities. In this interview, he uncovers his new platform and explains why he is bringing a breath of fresh air into his company.

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scaling your business the right way

The Four Types of Scaling Your Business

The dynamics of your industry dictate whether you should opt for a slow and steady scale strategy or go after a fast-and-furious one.
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Tech Platforms- Anatomy and Benefits

Leveraging digital platforms and ecosystems for businesses is crucial for business growth and long-term relationship building. Ultimately, companies that transform their businesses with a smart platform strategy will likely be the most successful ones in a business world that is constantly in flux.
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diversity and inclusion at workplace

The Six Benefits of Diversity & Inclusion at Workplace

Establishing diversity and inclusion at workplace is hard work but ultimately pays off dividends. Diversity and inclusion initiatives should not be viewed as a charitable endeavour but as a core part of business strategy. Here are six advantages of how diversity and inclusion at workplace can help your business.
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Cybersecurity Plan: What to Consider Before Taking the Plunge

In an age where a cybersecurity breach is occurring every 39 seconds and 66% of SMB companies could go out of business either completely or shut down for a day if their data is compromised, cybersecurity threats don’t seem to be going away any time soon.
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The Benefits of Organisational Purpose

A clear and specific purpose that is neither too generic nor too laconic and aligns well with the organisation’s culture would prevent the customer from perceiving the company as superficial or inauthentic.
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The Benefits of Data, Privacy and Security

Information is at the core of the debate around privacy and security. With digital, information is composed of data which represents the facts, figures and raw bits which when processed and analyzed become information. In this sense, privacy and security of data becomes the most important consideration and something that has to be taken into...
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