The Argo Log

With the Argo Venture Studio, entrepreneur and investor Stefan Beiten restructures his entrepreneurial activities. In this interview, he uncovers his new platform and explains why he is bringing a breath of fresh air into his company.

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The Benefits of Data, Privacy and Security

Information is at the core of the debate around privacy and security. With digital, information is composed of data which represents the facts, figures and raw bits which when processed and analyzed become information. In this sense, privacy and security of data becomes the most important consideration and something that has to be taken into...
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The Challenges of Corporate Innovation

Corporate innovation manifests in many ways, and the challenges reflects the breadth of its scope. It can exist as part of culture, company structure, internal departments and even external subsidiaries.
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Why you Should Care About Privacy and Security

The debate about privacy and security has become one of the most important considerations of our time. The rise in digital, the explosion of information and greater access in recent years means that this is a topic that affects everyone.
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Why Platforms are Important

Decentralized platforms as being proposed by blockchain technology represent a trend for the desire to be liberated from market or platform makers, giving rise to models that have no intermediaries. And decentralized money is just one aspect – goods, services and how we structure society are all being uprooted.
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Implementing Lifelong Learning in Your Organization

Every business should strive to become a learning organization. Harnessing the intellectual capital of your people through continuous learning and improvement can become a key competitive advantage.
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The Challenges of Corporate Lifelong Learning

Lifelong learning can be seen as an extension to traditional corporate learning and development. There are some additional unique challenges however, given the fact that lifelong learning requires more self-motivation as it can occur outside the workplace and is self-directed.
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