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Sensational Results at BAC Infratrust Funds IT6 and IT8

Record growth drives funds to the top of European real estate funds. Over 99% of fund investors agree to sell towers.


Berlin (OTS). Investors in the BAC Infratrust funds IT6 and IT8 can look forward to a massive increase in value at the end of the year. Through the successful auction of mobile phone tower portfolios, the funds gained $9 and $17 million, respectively, corresponding to record growth of 62 and 73 percent in just three years. In a three-year comparison with other real estate funds, IT6 and IT8 hold top international positions.


At an extraordinary shareholders’ meeting of the Infratrust funds IT6 and IT8 in Berlin, the leading US mobile phone tower auctioneer Clayton Funk of Media Venture Partners, via videoconference call, explained the course of the auction of the mobile phone tower portfolios of the funds as well as the status of the highest purchase offers of the largest US mobile phone operators.


The unexpectedly high figures proved convincing. The mood of the shareholders was correspondingly good, reflected in the voting results: 100% of IT8 and 99% of IT6 investors voted for the sale and liquidation of the funds.


“This increase in value was completely unexpected for most investors, which meant that the approval and personally expressed the gratitude of the investors were correspondingly high,” said Infratrust managing director Stephan Brückl. “I am delighted that investors are doing so well, placing the two funds the world’s top tier for the last three years. They are the first of our funds to close with such significant gains in value.”


MD Brückl expressed his gratitude to fund initiators Stefan Beiten, Nikolaus Weil and Franz-Philippe Przybyl: “Their courageous intervention in 2011 and their great financial and personal commitment over the subsequent years laid the foundation for this success story,” he said.

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